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Upholding A Legacy In Purity And Master Craftsmanship

Our story unfolds over nine decades — driven by the pursuit of craft, a fixation with detail and a devotion to beauty. Few jewellery brands have such an illustrious history as the House of Bhima. Founded in Mullakkal, Alleppey in 1925, by K. Lakshminarayana Bhattar, popularly known as Bhima Bhattar – an innate jeweller, an intuitive businessperson, and a dedicated philanthropist – the brand continues to set the standard for the ultimate in exquisite Diamond, Gold and Silver Jewellery.

Bhima Group holds a strong footprint of 40 plus Stores in South India and UAE, which includes well-established stores in Bengaluru, Manguluru, Udupi, Hassan, Shivamogga and Vijayawada. The stores display an extensive range of beautiful Gold, Diamond, Silver and Platinum jewellery with remarkable stories to tell. We are proud to have played a key part in the journey of many women’s most important life events and know that the gold we create and stones we cut today are destined to be the legendary jewels of tomorrow.

Having harvested the loyalty of a wide customer base, the Bhima brand has relentlessly evolved to keep pace with changing trends, emerging as the first choice of families across generations. Our fascination with the emotional power of gold has transformed Bhīma into a global hallmark of innovation, creativity and artisanship.

About the Promoters

krishnan bhat bhima gold
Mr. Krishnan Bhat

Managing Director

Bhima Jewellers -Bengaluru

Mr. Krishnan Bhat, born with a taste of gold continued his father’s journey after completing a degree in automobile engineering. Mr. Krishnan Bhat’s is very passionate about cars and automobiles, he keep himself updated on the latest trends as well.

vishnu bhima gold
Mr. Vishnu Sharan K Bhat


Bhima Jewellers -Bengaluru

Son of Mr. Krishnan Bhat, Vishnu has stepped into the world of Bhima with more passion, more emotions and more vision . Drawing inspiration from natural designs and cutting-edge materials, he plays an integral role in the design direction of the high jewellery collections. Today, Vishnu collaborates with all stakeholders on every aspect of the business. Like his dad, he is also extremely passionate about cars and automobiles.

Responsible Sourcing

Gold & Diamonds is most extensively used in our creations. It is due to this that we dedicate precise consideration to confirming that one of the major marks of our Journey to Sustainable Luxury would be the obtaining of responsibly mined gold & diamonds for our entire jewellery production. We are verified to meet international best practice environmental and social standards in our workshops, so, you can buy Bhima Gold and Diamonds with confidence, certificates of authenticity and buy-back guarantee.

The Bhima Philosophy Of Brillance

The 97 years of Bhima history establish a long and exciting journey in the pursuit of excellence, a path manifested by jewellery that is recognised all over the world as masterpieces of style and artisanship. From the assortment of the handpicked resources to their intricate fabrication to the smallest feature of every single product, the Bhima philosophy is found on the mission for continuous and adamant excellence. It is a tradition that is born of the commitment to creating jewellery of enduring value thanks to the incomparable quality of the materials and workmanship, as well as an unambiguous taste for exquisiteness..

Our Values

The Bhima Brand is core values secures success and fulfilment for its customers, employees and the company.

We are dedicated. We are timeless. We are creative. We are trustworthy. We are proudly Indian. We recycle. We are conflict free. We believe in teamwork. We love experimenting. We celebrate life. We value our customers. We love colour. We are a family. We are passionate. We love to laugh. We touch lives. We live by principles. We believe in the power of our Brand. We care for the environment.

The Bhima Boy

The cherubic Bhima boy encapsulates the goodness and unflinching commitment to purity, the unwavering loyalty, spotless ethics and enduring innocence that we are bound by. A symbol of trust, he embodies the aspirations of generations of patrons and timeless legacy.

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